Oh No Romo

Last Sunday was an especially bitter day for Dallas Cowboy fans, as the Pokes got spanked by the Denver Broncos in the Mile-High city.

Arguably, the most destructive element to this game and with the Cowboys in general is in the secondary. Terrance Newman tackles; uh, well he runs around a lot, much in the same manner as former Cowboy Deion Sanders. However, Sanders could cover, which didn’t require too much tackling.

Others might argue that it is at the QB position, more specifically Tony Romo, that is the Achilles heal when it comes to this years team… or last year or the year before, anyway you get the point.

Tony Romo's Skilled Position, The Bench

Tony Romo's Skilled Position, The Bench

Every athlete has a bad day, including Quarterbacks. So that could explain away the over throws, under throws, no throws and uh-oh’s that Cowboy fans had to endure last week with Romo’s performance. That could explain, if it weren’t for the fact that he is the most hyped Quarterback who doesn’t come close to his press clippings, week after week in games with the same display that was witnessed in Denver.

And don’t even get me started on Romo’s clock management or ability to read receivers. Yes Terrell Owens is gone, but the Cowboys still have a very good receivers corp. Tony you need to know that while Tight End Jason Witten is arguably the best in his position in the NFL, you’ve got to look for others down field. Although it may be argued that he has found a number of willing receivers this year, the problem is they sport the colors of the opposition. Romo usually chooses to make them his to-go-guys during critical moments during the game. But hey they perform well, especially in the red zone.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt that Romo wants to win, and besides the repetitive freshman like mistakes game-after-game, he is trying to get it done. The problem really lies with the owner Jerry Jones and head coach Wade Phillips. They too have bought into the hyped press clippings and refuse to recognize that their prized QB, while well intended, just isn’t getting it done.

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