An Economy Going To The Dogs

You know times are tough if you start seeing things like this!

This economy has hurt a lot of folks. Between the government screw ups, Wall Street’s greed, what are you gonna do? Sometimes you just gotta step back and find someway to laugh about it all.

I was in need of some serious practice in my studio and after awhile decided to take a break. My dog Hope thinks breaks means snacks. Anyway, I started thinking about how good she has it (and deservedly so), and thought to myself how bad things would be if we started to see Muts mooching on street corners with cardboard signs.

Anyway, you can see that one thing lead to another. Of course for being such a good sport, she got an extra treat… what a spoiled fur bag. Hey, and if you are out there feeling some pain with this economy, know that there will be better days out there, that there are folks who love you, and probably quite a few that are praying for you too. Be well.

    • La Vonne
    • October 22nd, 2009

    “Hope” awaits us all. She shall not be disappointed. 🙂

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