Cowboys Win, But Lots Of Work Ahead

Well, it turned out to be a pretty good Sunday as church was terrific, and time with my wife is always good. So after services, I excitedly got home, turned on Fox and with drink and popcorn in hand, prepared to watch the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons rumble in the great Lone Star state.

Atlanta fans, you have a very good team. I sat there and watched that first drive of the Falcons and knew the Cowboys mettle was going to be severely tested. It seemed that Atlanta went through the Pokes like the obligatory blank through a pig during those first minutes.

There were a lot of interesting moments and at times poor play decisions and execution from the Cowboys. This team loves to be its own worse enemy, especially when it comes to penalties. The only redemption this Sunday was that Cowboy offensive tackle Flozel Adams actually played penalty free. Allow me to repeat that, “played penalty free.”

Another plus was that Da Boys Quarterback Tony Romo has finally figured out that there are a number of talented players on this team who can catch the ball. Receiver Miles Austin is headed for an All-Pro season if he continues to be the on fire player that we’ve seen the last couple of weeks. Of course there still remains at least one receiver who is not and maybe never will be a go-to-guy, and that’s Roy Williams. This picture courtesy of PicAppis what Cowboy fans are accustomed to seeing when it comes to Williams’ performance in games, ball thrown, ball missed, opportunity blown.

[picapp src=”4/8/2/f/Dallas_Cowboys_v_7e51.jpg?adImageId=6656204&imageId=6706153″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

I don’t get what is going on with Williams and Romo, but it clearly aint working. I’ve been critical of Romo too, and some of the blame lies in his arm and brain as well. One player who can’t share the blame with Romo is another Poke who probably needs to see different pastures, and that’s defensive back Terrance Newman. In this file photo Newman is once again getting beat on a pass route. The only good news about the photo is that it is preseason and the receiver is also a Cowboy. But today, it weren’t no Sunday and it weren’t no practice that gave Atlanta plenty of opportunities and a touchdown at the hands of, or lack of, Terrance Newman.

[picapp src=”4/4/f/3/Dallas_Cowboys_Training_383b.jpg?adImageId=6656622&imageId=5669660″ width=”380″ height=”265″ /]

Still, there was some promise with the Cowboys performance today. The defense really stood up against a good Atlanta offense and Patrick “I hold the ball like a hot sausage in front of pit bulls” Clayton had a nice game. Perhaps not being the starter will actually bring out his game. As for the sausage, well he didn’t fumble today thank goodness. The Cowboys also tightened up the conference race due to their win and the Giants loss and the smell of 4 and 2 season is much more satisfying than what could have been a 500 record.

So Sunday did turn out to be a good day. I’m a little hungry now, so it’s off to look through the fridge, I think I saw a “sausage.”

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