A Moment You Wished Had Been Photographed

Has there ever been an event or moment in your life that you wished had been photographed? Maybe a picture that reminded you of someone you loved or a day that you wished had never ended. I’d like to hear what those moments were. These are your thoughts and it can be anything; your wedding, the birth of a child, a grandparent, a hug, a great meal – or the first time you saw the person you fell in love with.

Leave a comment about your moment, and then check back from time to time to see what others have shared.

    • Kent
    • November 8th, 2009

    I think there are many “moments” that we wish we would have either photographed or, more importantly, have had photographed well. I know looking through our family pictures events like times at the park when the kids were young are some of the best pictures we have. I’m much more attracted to informal settings rather than the formal pictures.
    I think another neat thing that some people do is to hire a photographer to be in attendance at large family gatherings (such as family reunions) and take both formal shots and informal shots. Really a neat idea.

  1. I have loved a guy for about six years now, we met in high school back in “04” on our senior year. We liked each other, but we never dated because we were both shy, once we graduated we both took two different roads and moved on opposite sides of the world. One year we go back to our country for visit not knowing we would meet, we run into each other on a random night at a restaurant. once I see him and he had seen me, it was an unconscious feeling as if we both floated to each other and not knowing how we got into each others arms. this moment I wish I had captured, for it truly was a serial moment for me and I am sure for him as well…

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