A Happy Anniversary Shoot

Contrary to popular belief, the number 13 is actually a very good number. At least it is this year for friends Brian and Barbara – who just celebrated for the thirteenth time their anniversary.

They decided before going out and having a romantic dinner, to have a portrait session with me first. So we headed out to Memorial Park for the shoot. Despite the stifling humidity, breaking a light umbrella, wayward puppies and wet grass (yes it does rain in El Paso), Brian and Barbara were awesome! Besides skinning up a tree and laying all over the wet grass for shots, there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do to help make everything work. In fact, I actually kept them over a bit from their reservation time… sorry guys.

Anyway, here’s to another 13, and another 13 after that to you both. It’s easy to see why you two make such a great couple.

Addendum: I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but my New Year … I mean my New July resolution is to pay more attention to this orphaned blog of mine.

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