Are People Printing Your Pictures Without Your Knowing?

We love to share pictures with friends and family, it’s a way of connecting. But sharing and giving are not the same, and who can print your pictures should be your decision. As a parent or grandparent in this day and age there are a lot of reasons why allowing unlimited and unauthorized use of your pictures may not be a good idea. If you are a professional photographer there may be more than just sentimental value in protecting your work. We’re talking about actual money that could be pulled out of your pocket.

I came across this blog of AJ Wood, courtesy of another photog friend recently, that raises some concerns over pictures you upload on Facebook. Wood, an Adobe instructor, posts on his site that at least one retailer, Walmart, may allow the use of an application that allows folks to upload pictures from their friend’s list on Facebook and then have those pictures printed up in the store.

I did check Facebook and found that a photo page did exist. I also found pages for Walgreens and Target. I have never visited any of these stores with the intent of testing whether this function exists. As with anything, let the buyer beware. I did go to Walmart’s Photo site and found this page which appears to in fact let you print photos from your friend’s galleries on Facebook. If you check out the AJWood blog there is a tutorial on how to remove this feature so that your pictures remain your property!

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