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Senior Session at Hueco Tanks

Our most recent Senior Rep photo session took place at one of the coolest locations in El Paso; out at Hueco Tanks state park.

Just east of El Paso, Texas, this park is a rock climbers paradise. In fact for years, climbers the world over have visited and found the beauty and the challenge worth coming back to time after time. So this was just a natural location to do a shoot with Chapin High School senior Alex Davis.

My assistant Renee Iglesias and I met Alex and his mom early in the morning for the shoot out at Hueco Tanks. The skies were overcast and holding rain, which meant more flash, but cooler temps too! We had hoped to visit one of the ponds that the park is known for, but they were dry and in much need of one of those clouds holding the goods. We did scale some of the boulder like mountain tops and the natural cliff ramadas that are throughout the park.

We also got a chance to see some of the Indian art paintings that are found on many of the cave like walls, that make this place a gem for archeologists and historians. I don’t know the dating of these hieroglyphics, but park rangers say various people groups have lived there for nearly 6,000 years.

I had a great time with Alex and his mom Judy Davis. They were awesome to work with and such nice people. Judy made for a good grip as she got reflector duties from time to time. I know Alex is going to have a great senior year. He’s a great kid and already has plans to attend Texas Tech were his sister is attending. You can see more pictures of Hueco Tanks and our Session by visiting Alex’s gallery at my website. If you are looking for a great little escape, consider spending a day out at Hueco Tanks. I hope to have many more sessions out there, it’s a great place.


A Happy Anniversary Shoot

Contrary to popular belief, the number 13 is actually a very good number. At least it is this year for friends Brian and Barbara – who just celebrated for the thirteenth time their anniversary.

They decided before going out and having a romantic dinner, to have a portrait session with me first. So we headed out to Memorial Park for the shoot. Despite the stifling humidity, breaking a light umbrella, wayward puppies and wet grass (yes it does rain in El Paso), Brian and Barbara were awesome! Besides skinning up a tree and laying all over the wet grass for shots, there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do to help make everything work. In fact, I actually kept them over a bit from their reservation time… sorry guys.

Anyway, here’s to another 13, and another 13 after that to you both. It’s easy to see why you two make such a great couple.

Addendum: I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but my New Year … I mean my New July resolution is to pay more attention to this orphaned blog of mine.

One very Cool Family

Well it’s been a while since posting here, lots of changes coming with my studio in El Paso. Pretty soon High Noon Photography will have a new website; more on that in another post.
With the holidays I had a Christmas card campaign and recently did a card and session shoot with an amazing family. When you meet Alfonso and Julieta, they seem like two high school seniors, in that first love. Very rare these days and speaks volumes about the care they show one another. And their kids are at the receiving end of all that love. Catalina, Sofia and Julieta Maria are terrific. Plus put them in front of a camera and watch these little hams work it up. Too funny and too much fun.

It was a pleasure and honor to meet and then get to work with these folks. Thank you to my newest friends, the Marquez Family.

Fun Shoot With Dee Dee

I recently had a model session with a lovely gal named Dee Dee. She was wanting to build her portfolio and so we spent a morning taking pictures and having a good time.

We met at my studio; High Noon Photography, and had already devised a game plan. There are a lot of cool locations in and around El Paso, but we decided to build with the basics first. I hope I get the opportunity to take more photographs of her in the future, perhaps doing some location photography.

One of the things you first notice about Dee Dee is her great hair. Letting it fall and cascade around her face was an easy choice to show off. We started with headshots to highlight her hair. She later pulled it back and wore a classy black dress for a more formal and elegant look. Later, we decided to skip the high-key shots and went outside to shoot some of the more playful, informal pictures. We didn’t have a lot of options with the sun and the overall location, so to minimize the harsh light and to have more control, we ended up in the car port. This actually ended up pretty cool, and I ended up using my old beat up truck as another element to the backdrop.

Anyway, I had a lot of laughs and really enjoyed my time with Dee Dee. She is the kind of client that makes photography a lot of fun. Here’s to great success to a lovely and very nice gal.