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Best Ice Cream You’ve Ever Had?

Ok, so today is one of those days where writing anything about photography just ain’t cutting it with me. Of course a nice diversion for writer’s block could be a tasty morsel, especially on a hot day like today. And there is nothing as wonderful as the sound of a clanking spoon rummaging around a bowl filled with ice cream.
So while those beads of sweat are pouring off your brow and your tongue is engorged from heat and humidity, think of that wonderful concoction of milk and sugar and post your ALL TIME favorite brand and flavor.

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Now don’t let the heat melt your mind, this is about ice cream, not something pseudo or Rodeo Drive pretentious – like Gelato (insert THE MOST AWESOME Gelato of all-time found at the Cafe Bougainvillea in Sorrento, Italy), and certainly not something that should be illegal like Ice Milk!! And if your one of those folks who wants to live longer than a forest and only eats Yogurt, nope, nope, nope, this is all about ice cream!

Hailing from the great Republic of Texas I’ve got to give my kudos’ to the amazing Blue Bell Ice Cream and their Peaches and Homemade Vanilla ice cream… man oh man! Besides just cranking out wonderfully consistent good stuff packed in a bucket – they still give you a complete half-gallon of heaven, not some metric measured amount like you find in Blue Jackrabbit and other competitors. And you don’t have to worry about your money ending up in Venezuela saving some endangered termite, like you might suspect with that brand in Connecticut (Insert B and J initials here), this is Tejas ice cream… ’nuff said.

In fact I’ve said too much. So pull out your own bowls and spoons and let me know who and what is the best eating frozen dessert you’ve come across. P.S. Momma’s hand cranked don’t count.


A Moment You Wished Had Been Photographed

Has there ever been an event or moment in your life that you wished had been photographed? Maybe a picture that reminded you of someone you loved or a day that you wished had never ended. I’d like to hear what those moments were. These are your thoughts and it can be anything; your wedding, the birth of a child, a grandparent, a hug, a great meal – or the first time you saw the person you fell in love with.

Leave a comment about your moment, and then check back from time to time to see what others have shared.