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Antique Photo Reproduction

There are a ton of folks out there who are turning a buck by restoring old pictures to look new. Well at High Noon Photography we’ve decided to head in the opposite direction and create scratched, faded, and torn pictures for our clients, especially our High School Seniors.

A lot of thanks goes out to Lesa Snyder, one of the best Photoshop guru’s there are, who is also part of the Kelby Training team. Lesa’s great tutorial was the final step we needed to give our images that look that you would find while rummaging through grandma’s photo albums in her upstairs attic.

Here are a couple of beautiful young ladies who decided to use High Noon Photography for their senior pics. With a little work up on our own and some of the steps that Lesa taught, we came up with this. Only thing is that our pictures don’t come with some of grandma’s great cookies and a glass of milk.