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Photography: A Gift In The Midst Of Tragedy

Recently, I became an affiliate photographer for the NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep) Organization. The purpose of NILMDTS is to provide grieving families of terminally ill newborn babies, an intimate family portrait session as a loving keepsake of their child and the moments spent with him or her. This is a volunteer program and the time and all material (usually a CD of photos ready for print) is made available to the family as a free gift of love.
NILMDTS has thousands of volunteers throughout the world providing this service. Besides photographers, there are countless photo editors, designers, medical and health care professionals, all providing service to this cause. If you are interested to learn more about this organization you can click on the picture above or here to visit the NILMDTS website. I think once you see some of the pictures and read some of the stories at the website, you will have a greater understanding of the amazing work that so many are doing with their photography, as a way of offering a gift during this very tragic time.

I hope to soon begin offering my time to local hospitals in the El Paso, Texas area. There is a bit of preliminary work and study that first needs to occur, since this is an area of extreme sensitivity that also comes with certain legal issues. I do know that I am humbled to be affiliated with this amazing group of people.

For the time being, could you perhaps take a moment to offer a simple prayer for the thousands of families and children that are going through this very difficult moment.